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5 reasons Greenwich English College teachers should be proud

December 4, 2018 by GEC Academic Team

1. We operate in a very big pool
Our teachers demonstrate their expertise and high standards on a national and international stage. Because our approach to excellence is second to none, we have been nominated for, and won, international awards including our recent success as winner of the "Excellence in Education Award 2018" at the Australia Brazil Business Council Awards. Our teachers are valued and in demand overseas, with some of our best going abroad to run teacher training programs, most recently to China. (maybe more details of Justin’s trip here).

2. We empower our students to use what they learn
Our teachers embrace the communicative approach with clear learning objectives. As a result, from the very beginning, our students are empowered with the confidence to start using their language skills in real-life scenarios through daily interactions with peers, colleagues, and co-workers in various authentic environments.

3. We embrace progress
Our teachers regularly attend and run professional development workshops and sessions. We’ve adapted to technological progress in many areas, an example being the use of online resources for both teachers and students on many of our courses. Just as importantly, we embrace the pedagogical changes that go with new developments. Our teachers have been evaluating pedagogical uses of learning tools since the days of audio cassettes. And if we need to use more conventional activities or sing a song for the sheer joy of it, we do that too. It’s still educational. 

4. We prepare learners, not students
Our teachers realise that students hope to become fluent one day. However, with limited time, we often can’t take them all the way there. We train our students to be independent learners who strive to continually improve from the beginning, inside and outside of the classroom. Our students leave the classroom fully prepared for what to do next. We don’t just teach language. We teach how to learn it and how to continue learning it too.

5. We teach a lifelong competency
Our teachers teach a skill that every student, at some point in their lives, will use. Whether it’s at an airport or in an office, at a casual meeting or in the corporate world, our students will use their language skills. Teachers of other subjects cannot say that what they teach will really matter one day. But we prepare people for life, and that is a huge reason to be proud of what we do.

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