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Research, Explore, Activate, Design, Yield

So here you are – just finished High School, trying to decide on a potential future career, returning to the job market from maternity leave or time away from work, currently in the job market but aspiring to change careers or simply wanting to upskill.

Whatever your life circumstances might be, you have made the first right decision to study a diploma at Greenwich College. And now that you have laid the foundations for your future educational and professional development, you should start to think about the next step: your desired career path. And this is where employability comes into play. You might think that you will finish your diploma and will be employable straightaway. The truth is, however, that your diploma is only one essential aspect of your employability. Are you confused?

Employability is a broad term that encompasses not only skills and qualifications but also experience, personal growth and state of mind. With job market competitiveness on the rise and global transformations shaping our everyday lives, your employability has become more than essential if you want to stand out from the crowd and take your future to the next level.

This is why we created this employability toolkit for our aspiring professionals to READYourself: Research, Explore, Activate, Design, Yield. Here at Greenwich College, we have incorporated employability aspects as one of our core missions in order to equip our students with the best possible graduate outcomes: high graduate employment rates, employment in desired industries and occupations, and fast job market integration.

READYourself will enable you to identify your personal job market niche and create your personal brand to pave the way towards a fulfilling career in your desired occupation.This guide will take you on a step-by-step journey from defining yourself and your purpose, choosing your career path and identifying recruitment opportunities to aspects of job application processes and professional branding all the way through to alternative career pathways. Each section has READYourself activities that will enable you to apply the contents and complete your employability package step by step.

Phase 1: Research your Market

Knowing your market and the opportunities it offers is the first step when mapping your career path. Let’s explore.

2. Current Vacancies
3. Demand & Skills Shortage
4. Five-year Outlook
5. Resilient Occupations
6. Emerging Occupations

Phase 2: Explore your Opportunities & Employability

Now it’s time to narrow down our scope and focus on your purpose, potential career paths and employability skills.

1. Identifying your Purpose & Creating Urgency
2. Career Paths: Courses, Occupations & Industries
3. Identifying Different Skills Sets

Phase 3: Activate your Job Search

Now that we have laid the path towards your career destination, let’s see how we can find recruitment opportunities.

1. Industry-specific recruitment opportunities
2. Popular job search engines
3. Popular recruitment agencies
4. Alternative ways to seek employment: The hidden Job Market

Phase 4: Design your Brand

Now that you have defined the pillars of your brand profile, let’s transform this image into your professional brand components to get you ready for the job application process.

1. Job application process
a) Resume
b) Cover Letter
c) Job Interview
2. Professional self-branding
a) Creating a professional LinkedIn profile & other social media profiles
b) Building a professional digital portfolio & website

Phase 5: Yield more Opportunities

You might now have completed your application process and be employed, still searching or simply want to look at other options as to where to go from here. The great news is that here at Work Ready Education, we offer a variety of different pathways, that will leave you and your future recruiters dazzled!

1. Pathways