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Pronunciation in Context

Boost your English speaking skills for success in Australia!

If you need a fast-track program to improve your spoken English and be easily understood, Pronunciation in Context is for you. This program helps you become aware of English sounds, stress, and rhythm, enhancing your pronunciation for confident communication in everyday situations, whether it's ordering food or acing a job interview.

Who is this course for?

This course is meant to help you feel more confident when speaking English, especially if you feel unsure or have difficulty with certain English sounds.

It's a great starting point for improving your speaking and listening skills by boosting your confidence in speaking in front of a group.


You will learn to

  • Accurately produce the sounds required by the English language
  • Use the correct rhythm, word and sentence stress
  • Use and understand intonations in spoken English
  • Reduce your accent
  • Improve listening skills and understanding of English speakers
  • Use informal expressions and language in an appropriate way.

You will learn this through

  • Audio


  • videogec


  • Presentation-01




  • roleplaying-01

    Role Play

Why Study Pronunciation in Context at Greenwich College?


Proven techniques to help succeed

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  • Proven techniques to help you succeed

  • Our ClearSpeak teaching method has helped students speak English with clarity and confidence for 25 years.


Learn to speak English quickly & confidently

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  • You'll learn to speak English quickly and confidently

  • Weekly one-on-one academic counselling - you’ll get personalised feedback so you know where to focus your efforts, helping you improve faster

  • Weekly presentation practice - so you can build confidence quickly.

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The Pronunciation Course was very fun for me as we are always speaking and listening - and I have a lot of friends from other countries now. 

Miki Saito

Sample Timetable

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00-10:20 Phonics
Sounds in Isolation
Sounds in Isolation
Sounds in Isolation
Sounds in Isolation
Day Electives
10:30-11:50 Listening Practice
You can hear it you can pronounce it
Word Stress
What's a syllable?
Connecting Sounds
Group of sounds
Connecting Sounds
Group of sounds
12:30-13:40 Speaking
Using your lips andmouth in English
Asking and answering questions
Sentence Stress
The importance of making mistakes
Presentations Evening Classes
Specific Accent Reduction Tongue Twisters Presentations Individual Feedback
13:50-15:00 Fluency Activities
Connecting words
Fluency Activities
Being natural
Fluency Activities Being natural Individual Feedback
time monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday

Here's what you need to know

Entry Requirements
IELTS 4.0; or
Greenwich English College Entry Test; or
Offshore Entry Test available through a registered representative.


Course Commencement
Classes commence every 4 weeks.


Course Duration
Intensive 4 week program.  Available in both DAY and EVE classes.