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English forVocational Studies

Get ready for academic success

English for Vocational Studies (EVS) is the only course of this kind in Australia and provides thorough English preparation for your upcoming Vocational Studies.

EVS concentrates on enhancing your critical thinking abilities and refining your command of the English language, enabling you to apply these skills effectively in a vocational education setting.

Who is this course for?

English for Vocational Studies (EVS) is tailored for Upper Intermediate-level English students seeking an immersive academic English program for success in vocational studies.

Upon completion, this course opens the door to certificate or diploma programs at leading Australian colleges. It also serves as a stepping stone to our English for Academic Purposes course, priming you for advanced studies at the university level.

EVS is the ideal preparation for your upcoming vocational studies, providing a direct route to admission at Greenwich Hospitality, Health and Care, or Management College and other esteemed Australian vocational institutions.


You will learn to

  • Comprehend a range of texts, including textbooks and articles
  • Grasp spoken English in conversations, discussions, and lectures
  • Articulate facts, ideas, and opinions effectively in academic writing
  • Communicate clearly and cohesively when addressing an audience
  • Employ vocabulary pertinent to various vocational fields
  • Cultivate analytical and critical thinking skills

You will learn this through

  • Audio


  • videogec


  • Report_writingGEC


  • presentation-01





    Case Studies

Why study English for Vocational Studies at Greenwich College?


More options for further study

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  • This course offers a pathway to a range of Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs offered at over 30 leading Australian Colleges – no need to do an official English exam.


Free test practice

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  • Achieve greater success by taking weekly practice IELTS tests to reinforce your learning and track your progress.


Ongoing academic support

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  • Receive fortnightly one-on-one academic counselling so you know where to focus your efforts and can achieve greater success faster.

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Sample Timetable

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00-10:30 Last Week Review Grammar for Academic Purposes
Describing graphs
and charts
Academic Reading Skills
How can grammar help
your reading?
Grammar for
Academic Purposes

Using complex grammar
structures in your writing
Practice Test
Writing and Reading
10:40-12:30 Academic

Learning academic
vocabulary related to the
topic of the week
Listening to
University Lectures

Listening for important
points and information
Vocabulary Builder
Phrases and expressions
connected to the
topic of the week
Role Play Practice Test
Listening and Speaking
13:15-13:55 Writing Skills
The difference between
formal and informal writing
Writing Skills
How to write an essay
Writing Skills
In class practice
Writing Skills
Talking about
complicated ideas
Individual / Group Presentations
14:05-15:00 Academic Reading

Using special reading
techniques to quickly find answers
Debating techniques
and practice
Academic Writing
How to do an academic
Academic Writing Skills
Different types of
Feedback on Presentations

Here's what you need to know


Entry Requirements
IELTS 5.5 or equivalent; or
Greenwich College Placement Test.


Course Commencement
Courses start every 5 weeks.


Course Duration
Study for 10 weeks.