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Boost your career skills through our short courses - designed to be convenient, practical and focused.

  • Available as standalone micro-courses or as part of two packages of three micro-courses - each will focus on a relevant aspect of your own professional development that will immediately impact your ability and understanding.

  • Choose from Emotional Intelligence, Effective Decision Making and Organisation Change Management or Supply Change Management, The Power of Delegation and Agile for Project Management.

  • Courses are convenient to your work and life commitments - minimal online self-led preparation is required. Our micro-courses are taught in a one-day virtual format in Saturday classes to work around your busy lifestyle.

Course Options

emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

If you are struggling to create effective working relationships within your team then Emotional Intelligence for Developing Teams has been crafted for someone just like you.

  • Learn about the four elements of Emotional Intelligence
  • Establish how to build effective teams using emotional intelligence
  • Develop and build your emotional intelligence skills
  • Create an Emotional Intelligence action plan

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Effective Decision Making

We make decisions constantly, but how effective are the ones that really count, particularly in business or our working lives. How should we measure an effective decision? Learn:

  • A brief history of decision-making theory
  • The Decision-Making Process and categorising decisions.
  • Tools for Effective Decision making
  • Faulty Decision Making and Traps to avoid

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Agile for Project Management

This course is designed to provide an opportunity for a range of stakeholders to gain a more robust understanding of what an Agile approach to Project Management really is, and why it works in certain projects but not others.

  • Agile – A mind set
  • Project Life cycles: Predictability, uncertainty, and risk – an Agile context
  • The makeup of an Agile (Scrum) Team
  • The Practice of Agile, Scrum and Kanban

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Supply Chain Management

This course offers a chance to understand the methods and practices involved in Supply Chain Management along with how and why it plays a key role in an effective method to control inventory, logistics, storage and distribution.

  • Principles of supply chain management (SCM)
  • Forecasting, capacity and aggregate planning
  • Financial and tactical aspects of SCM
  • Basic principles of stock control, inventory and warehousing

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Organisational Change Management

This course looks at providing change leaders with the foundational knowledge and skills to deal with, lead, and manage organisational change.

  • Understand the key leadership skills to manage the change process
  • Recognise models of organisational change management with ability to determine differences in use of each (Kotter, Lewin and others)
  • Analyse resistance to change

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The Power of Delegation

This course describes the skills and knowledge required to manage delegation in the workplace. The course requires you to draw on your personal work experience to apply the learning in a practical way.

  • Understand what delegation is (and what it isn’t)
  • Recognise your motivation for delegating
  • Avoid delegation failures and choose the right delegation approach
  • Create a delegation action plan

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