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English + Creative Technology

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Learn language skills specific to creative technology and gain hands-on practical experience.

As the only course of its type in Australia, English + Creative Technology is a unique 12-week course for students who need to communicate in the field of technology for study or work. The aim is for students to develop broad technological English skills that will provide a platform for technology-related careers.

With 3, practical, 4-week modules specialising in teaching the language skills essential for success in the technological field, you can choose one course for a specific need, or get an excellent foundation for your future career by doing all three.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for students with Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate English skills who want to feel more confident speaking, writing or presenting in the Creative Technology industry.

No industry-related skills are needed for this course, and the practical element caters for most levels of background and experience - from beginner and up!


You will learn to

  • Understand and use industry-specific language
  • Learn specific words and phrases suitable for working in an English-speaking country
  • Develop language skills related to tech, digital marketing and social media that can be used professionally and personally
  • With 3 practical, 4-week modules specialising in teaching the language skills essential for success in the technological field, you can choose one course for a specific need, or get an excellent foundation for your future career by doing all three.

You will learn this through

  • Audio


  • presentation-01







    Case Studies

Why study English+ Creative Technology?


An internationally recognised

English qualification

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  • Gain an internationally recognised English qualification that will improve your employment prospects in Australia, other English-speaking countries and your home country.


Flexible timetable options

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  • Choose from morning or evening classes - so you can work and experience the best of Australia while you study.



An Authorised Linguaskill test centre

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  • Greenwich English College is an authorised LinguaSkill Business Testing Centre - so you can take the final test in a familiar environment. We also offer the option of taking the test at home using your own device with the help of a remote proctoring system.

  • LinguaSkill Business measures the language skills of students attending job interviews, working in a corporate environment and other workplace situations. It is an internationally recognised benchmarking tool for language ability used in human resources and employment in top companies around the world.

Sample Timetable

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00 - 10:30 Orientation Overview of course Discussion What is social media? What is it used for? Pros & cons Vocabulary & Reading Basic social media vocabulary (hashtags, mentions, shares, etc.) Reading What Is Social Media Language and How Does It Differ From English? Grammar & Vocabulary (Contractions, abbreviations, & acronyms for social media) Speaking (Compare and contrast social media posts using informal language) Friday Electives
10:45 - 12:30 Vocabulary & Reading Overview of social media platforms Speaking Features and functionalities of social media platforms Grammar Overview of informal English for social media Punctuation in social media Reading & Speaking Identifying informal language in social media Vocabulary & Grammar Extreme adjectives for social media Weekly Quiz Friday Electives
13:15 - 15:00 Create an Instagram account to share with your classmates Listening - Can you speak Emoji? Vocabulary - Emoticons and emojis Analysing emoticons and emojis Write a social media post using informal language Introduction to Assessment 1 Friday Electives
time monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday

Here's what you need to know

Entry Requirements
IELTS 5.0 or equivalent; or
Greenwich English College Entry Test; or
Offshore Entry Test available through a registered representative.


Course Commencement
Classes commence every 4 weeks.


Course Commencement
Courses for 4, 8 or 12 weeks. 

Course Structure


English for Tech 

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  • English for Tech provides you with the language and skills to:

    • use technical jargon; 

    • execute basic computing skills; 

    • describe the role and development of AI; 

    • effectively use AI to generate texts and images and solve problems; and

    • work with others using English to complete technological projects. 


English for Digital Marketing

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  • English for Digital Marketing provides you with the language and skills to:

    • identify and explain digital marketing, as well as its channels and skills; 

    • identify and produce copywriting-related grammar: imperatives + interrogatives; 

    • create a value proposition for a business; 

    • select a target audience; and

    • produce vocabulary to evaluate the efficacy of digital business/marketing practice.


English for Social Media

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  • English for Social Media provides you with the language and skills to:

    • compare social media platforms and their features and functionality;

    • effectively use different registers to compose posts; 

    • incorporate visual content and multimedia to increase engagement;

    • communicate with an audience and respond to comments; and

    • build a personal social media brand/persona.