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Information for Families


Sending a loved one off to study in a country that you don’t know much about can be worrying. Here, you will find key information to give you peace of mind. Greenwich College has enabled over 70,000 students to reach their goals and make their friends and family proud. We are committed to offering personalised support to students to ensure a seamless transition to study and life in Australia.


Visit a student at Greenwich

We love it when parents and friends come to visit their loved one at Greenwich. If you would like to visit, please contact us to arrange a suitable time. Our friendly staff will welcome you, give you a campus tour and help take photos of you with your loved one with their new friends.


Our commitment to student success

Greenwich English College is widely regarded as one of the best English colleges in Australia. We are committed to helping students achieve their learning goals in the shortest possible time.


We do this through:

  • A personalised study plan developed for each student - to enable them achieve their learning goals in the shortest possible time.
  • 9 additional hours of FREE optional classes each week
  • Weekly progress testing to reinforce learning.
  • One-on-one academic counselling every 2 weeks to gain personalised feedback so students know where to focus their efforts.
  • Expert trainers who specialise in teaching English to international students
  • Interactive, practical and engaging classes so students have fun while they learn
  • Online courses allowing students to study and revise in their own time
  • A minimum requirement of 80% attendance in classes.
  • Support staff who can speak in over 20 different languages

Greenwich Management College

Greenwich Management College students must attend 10 hours per week for class - either in the evening or on weekends, enabling students to work and study at the same time. Our commitment to quality and student success means that our courses are taught in a way that is practical, relevant to the real world and tailored to each student’s learning goals.

We do this through:

  • Expert trainers with extensive business expertise and regular professional development.
  • Highly engaging, interactive and practical classes using innovative teaching resources to maximise learning and ensure students enjoy each class.
  • Strong use of real-life case studies - offering valuable insights and applications to Australian business.
  • Challenging assessments to reinforce learning and help students achieve real results.
  • 10 hours of optional learning support to help students achieve goals faster.

About Greenwich and NextEd Group

Greenwich College are proud members of the NextEd group – one of Australia’s most respected education companies.


Rest assured that your loved one will receive the highest quality of education with the financial and structural security of a publicly listed education provider, that is bound by the highest quality controls and regulations.

Below is a list of other schools that form part of NextEd Group:

Academy of Information Technology (AIT)

Bachelor and Diploma courses in IT, Mobile Apps Development, Games Design, Digital Design, 2D Animation, Film Making and 3D Design

International School of Colour and Design (ISCD)

Diploma and Certificate programs in interior design, decoration, styling and colour theory

Coder Factory Academy (CFA)

Fast-track Bootcamps for coding, designed to take people from no experience to full stack developers in only 6 months.

Sero Institute

Renowned hotel management school, cooking college and a business college. With campuses in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and in Perth. 

Capital Training Institute

Capital Training Institute (CTI) is a national vocational education training organisation with 9 years of experience enabling students to reach their career goals.

Celtic Training

Australia’s leading private training provider in health care infection control courses.


Australia is a leading education destination

Each year, over 600,000 students from all over the world choose to study in Australia, making it the 3rdmost popular student destination globally. Education is now the 3rd largest sector in the Australian economy and both the Government and private institutions take great care to ensure international students receive an outstanding educational experience.


Greenwich English College is one of Australia’s largest private providers of English language tuition and sets the standard in quality and affordability benchmarks.  Greenwich Management College offers courses specifically designed for international students to help them establish or progress a career in business or management in an English-speaking country. Both colleges offer pathway courses to some of Australia’s leading universities and colleges.

Here are some notable facts about studying in Australia:

  • Study costs in Australia are considerably lower than other major destinations, such as USA and UK.
  • 8 out of the top 100 universities in the world are located in Australia.
  • Unlike most other countries, international students are allowed to work while completing their studies in Australia. This makes Australia a very attractive option for international students.
  • International students are protected by a “National Code” which all institutions must abide by in order to host international students. This code sets out very clear guidelines and standards for how students are to be treated, protected financially and with regards to the provision of accurate and appropriate information about the college and its courses.
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Australia’s attitude towards international students

Students are often surprised by how welcoming the Australian people are towards international students. Australia is a multi-cultural society - with 47% of the population having been born outside of Australia or, one parent was born outside Australia.


It has a broad cultural mix of over 200 cultures speaking more than 260 languages - the most common being Italian, Greek, Cantonese, Arabic, Vietnamese and Mandarin.

Here is some guidance to ensure your loved one’s transition to life in Australia is easy and enjoyable:

  • Don’t be shy – Australians like bold, outgoing personalities so feel free to walk up to anyone and start a conversation
  • We are friendly – In Australia you can call your teacher by their first name, and even go out to the pub or a restaurant with them after class
  • Make an effort to break away from students with the same background as you. It is so easy to hang out with students from your own cultural background. Make the effort to meet locals and other students and you will find it much easier to fit in.
  • It’s OK to speak with an accent or for your English to be imperfect. Australians are very familiar with internationals and love to have a chat with them.
  • Join a sports club – it’s the best way to make friends.
  • Drinking alcohol in Australia is a common activity and a great way to make friends. If you don’t drink for personal or religious reasons – that is ok – you will still be welcome to join social events.
  • And finally – make an effort to speak English. It is hard, it is scary but it is the only way you will really learn to live like a local.

Safety in Australia

For your peace of mind as a parent or concerned friend, Australia is generally a very safe place to live and study, which is one of the reasons it is such a popular destination for international students.


Violent crime rates are very low, theft and pick-pocketing is minimal and females are generally safe to walk alone without fear of getting harassed. However standard precautions should still be taken.

Safety tips:

  • Walk or travel with a friend through the city at night
  • Tell a friend where you are going - and what time you expect to be there
  • Keep to well-lit streets
  • If out at social occasions, don’t drink too much alcohol and keep yourself in control

There are other safety precautions that international students should be aware of including:

  • Sun Wear sunscreen and protective clothing when spending time in the sun, even if only for 10 minutes.
  • Water: Water is safe to drink from the taps without needing to boil it. Drink plenty of water especially during summer to avoid dehydration.
  • Beach: Most popular beaches are patrolled by surf life guards. Always swim between the flags as waves and currents can be unexpectedly strong.
  • Animal >Australia is famous for its amazing wildlife. When enjoying Australia’s outdoors, stay away from wild animals and don’t approach spiders and snakes. They are more scared of you than you are of them - and will only attack if they feel threatened.

Accommodation in Australia

There are a range of accommodation options available to students in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth. Because campuses are located very close to lots of public transport, students are not limited to staying only in the city locations.


Below are some of the most common types of accommodation that students will stay in:

  • Homestay with a local Australian family
  • Rent an apartment
  • Rent a room in a shared house or apartment
  • Professional student accommodation

Keeping in contact with your loved one

It’s never been easier to connect with your students while they are studying in Australia. Below is some basic information that you will find useful.


Wi-Fi:Greenwich campuses have free Wi-Fi internet connections for all students so you can keep in contact via email or messaging apps such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp or WeChat

Computers:Greenwich students may also use the computer labs on campus for free, so they will always have access to emails

Mobile Phones:Students will generally not need to buy a new mobile phone for their time in Australia. Assuming your student’s phone is ‘unlocked’ – they can get a prepaid sim card from a number of outlets (supermarkets, convenience stores, hostels etc.) and use phone and mobile data on a ‘pay as you go basis’.

If you are calling from outside Australia, you will need to dial the country code (+61) and drop the 0 from any local number. E.g. A mobile number will change from 0415 655 345 to +61415 655 345

Education Agents:If your loved one booked their studies through one of our trusted education agents – they will most likely have regular contact with them while they are travelling abroad. Make sure you get the details of your loved one’s education agent so you can contact them if the need arises.

Contacting the College:In the case of emergency, you may contact the college and we can get in touch with your loved one on your behalf. Please only contact Greenwich College if you have an emergency.

Sydney t: + 61 2 9264 2223

Melbourne t: +61 3 8609 0000

Brisbane t:+61 7 3040 4417

Gold Coast t: +61 7 56067133

Perth t: +61 8 61879625

Emergency Contact Numbers

Below is a list of contacts in case of emergency:

  • Greenwich College Sydney: + 61 2 9264 2223
  • Greenwich College Melbourne: +61 3 8609 0000
  • Greenwich College Brisbane+61 7 3040 4417
  • Greenwich College Gold Coast +61 7 56067133
  • Greenwich College Perth +61 8 61879625
  • Emergency Assistance in Australia: Dial triple zero ‘000’ or ‘112’ from a mobile phone for police, ambulance and fire brigade
  • Your local embassy: