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How to get the most from your online course

Tuesday, 24 March 2020, 01:48 PM by Greenwich College

To support you in your first week of online study, we have prepared some helpful tips to help you get the most from your online course.

1. Motivation is the key to success

Understand why you are learning - did you start your course with an outcome in mind. Are you trying to advance your career? To broaden your horizons or to challenge yourself? 

Channel your motivation to your advantage. Every time a distraction comes along, remember why you began your learning journey in the first place. Use this to keep you on task and focussed. 

Share your motivation with others, so you can motivate each other. Sharing why you are joining a course or aiming for a qualification will enable your friends and classmates to motivate you too. You may find you have similar goals and be able to help each other. 

2. Set, monitor and keep realistic study goals

What do you want to achieve? Set yourself realistic and measurable targets. Split them up into smaller achievable blocks that will help you to track your progress and have a sense of accomplishment as you go through your course. 

Your teacher and your classmates can offer you invaluable support as you go. Seek the teachers help and guidance when setting your goals and their advice when you are measuring your progress. 

Reward yourself! Have a small treat for minor wins and then increase this for the slightly bigger victories! Have some chocolates for smaller goals, and then treats - such as a movie to keep you going. Once you complete your major goal, plan a day trip or event that will keep you looking forward and motivated. 

3. Make the most of your virtual classroom and your online community

Classmates are even more important in your virtual classroom than in face to face situations - use the classroom chat and mini-group breakout rooms to question each other and laugh as you go. Motivate and challenge each other to keep your progress moving in the right direction. 

But seriously - turn off notifications to your email, whatsapp and messenger - remove those distractions! Take breaks and eat at the right times. 

Use headphones, but mute your microphone when not speaking. You will notice that when everyone does this the sound is so much better and there is no annoying feedback!

Stay connected to your classmates and upcoming events via Greenwich College Instagram account.  

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