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Online Learning


Online Learning Platform

Our online learning will be delivered through leading online learning platforms that replicate the physical classroom environment:

Greenwich English College will use Zoom
Greenwich Management College will use Canvas (GOALS)

Greenwich ENGLISH College - Return to campus update:

This includes the ability to interact with your instructor and peers, just as you would on-campus. It includes access to all your learning resources, video, audio, real-time sharing of presentations - as well as collaborative features such as a live whiteboard, breakout rooms, discussion boards and polling. And the best part is, it’s easy to use and can be accessed on any device.

Student Useful Links:

Getting Started: Online Learning Info
How to look after your Mental Health during the COVID-19 pandemic

GMC Students:
Skills classes will be available on your Dashboard on Canvas (GOALS)

Student FAQs

Greenwich College has chosen Zoom for online delivery. It’s easy and can be done on a computer, tablet or even a phone!

What will happen next:

  1. All students will receive an email from their teacher with a link to the class.
  2. Download the app shared by your teacher. 
  3. Click on the link and you are ready to go!

Please see below for answers to our frequently asked questions:

Why have we moved to online learning?
Our number 1 priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our students. As the COVID-19 virus evolves here in Australia, it is essential that we take preventative measures to limit the impact to our students and the wider community. Our interactive and engaging online learning approach will ensure you can continue your learning and academic progress whilst ensuring your health and safety at this time.
Can I come to campus in person?
  • All campuses remain closed until Monday 14th of February 2022 unless advised otherwise by the Australian Government. 
  • Students that need to collect their text book from the campus will be contacted and advised accordingly.
How does the change to online learning affect my visa requirements?
It doesn’t affect your visa requirements. Students are required to attend online classes and to maintain satisfactory course progress. If you do this, then you are complying with your visa requirements.
Will my attendance be monitored?

We will monitor attendance during online learning lessons and lectures. 

What do I need to access online learning?

You will need: 

  • a computer, a smart phone or a tablet 
  • your device will need a microphone, internet connection and preferably a camera
How do I access online learning?

Greenwich English College:

  • Teachers will contact students by email to invite them to the virtual classroom.

Greenwich Management College:

  • Students will be able to attend lectures through Canvas (GOALS) login. You will receive notifications regarding your lectures on your Dashboard on GOALS (Canvas).
What if I cannot access Zoom?

Your first step is to check the ZOOM tutorial for help and assistance. If you still have problems, please contact your teacher, your trainer or Student Services for support. 

Greenwich Management College students can email Student Services if they can not access Zoom through their Course Page on GOALS (Canvas).

Can I still get help from the Student Services Team?

Student Services are available to all students via email and phone. It is also possible to arrange an online meeting with a member of the team if needed:

Call 02 9264 2223

Call 03 8609 0000

Is there any change to timetables?

No. Your timetable remains the same:

Greenwich English College 

  • Day Timetable - 9:00am to 3:00pm
  • Evening Timetable - 4:30pm to 9:00pm

Greenwich Management College 

  • Daytime Timetable - 8:30am to 1:30pm two days per week
  • Evening Timetable - 4:00pm to 9:00pm two days per week
  • Full Day Timetable - 8:30am to 7:30pm Friday or Saturday
  • Skills Development Classes - Daily: 12.30 pm - 4.30 pm - Monday to Friday / 3.30 pm - 7.30 pm - Saturday

Greenwich Management College - How can I submit assessments?
  • Course material and assessment information remain in GOALS / CANVAS. 
  • Assessments will be submitted via GOALS/CANVAS 
How can I meet with academic counsellors?
You can make appointments with academic counsellor through the website for a phone call or virtual meeting through Zoom or Google Hangouts:

Is it possible to study online from overseas?

Yes, it is possible to join your online classes from overseas. Please be aware of any travel restrictions and self-isolation / quarantine periods that may be in place in your destination countries, and also when returning back to Australia.

Will there be any student activities whilst lessons are held online?
No. Following the advice of the Australian Government, we will suspend all activities until we are advised that it is safe to do so.
Will the rules for satisfactory course progression change?

No, the guidelines and assessment of satisfactory course progression will remain the same for Greenwich Management College:

  • Students need to pass or be deemed 'competent' in at least 50 % or more of the units attempted in a term (study period term).
  • You are also required to submit all your assessments via GOALS (Canvas) before the due date which will then be marked by your trainer and assessor.
My assessment requires a presentation in class - how can we do this in online learning?

Your trainer will observe you in the 'breakout rooms' in Zoom and assess you as he normally would in a classroom.

If I have a problem with my course (progress or class) what should I do?

You can make appointments with academic counselors through the website for a phone call or virtual meeting through Zoom or Google Hangouts. The academic team will assist you with any problems or issues you may experience:

Do I still need a medical certificate if I am absent from class?
If you feel unwell during this time, please seek medical advice and assistance. You are not required to present a medical certificate for the duration of the online learning, but you must inform the College by email as soon as possible.
Will my classmates remain the same?
Yes, you will continue to study with your same classmates in your online learning experience.
What if I cannot arrive in Australia for the course start date?
You can commence your studies from overseas until travel restrictions are relaxed.
Will there be a cost if I need to change my CoE?
No, no fees will be charged during this period.
What happens if I defer my course?
You may need to extend your student visa - you will need to seek qualified visa or migration advice to assist you with this.
I don’t have access to the internet / I don’t have enough data, what can I do?

Contact your mobile phone provider as many are currently offering free data allowance upgrades for those affected by COVID-19.

To prepare for your online studies, please check the website of the providers for updates.

Is online delivery a choice?
No, online learning is the only delivery model from Monday 23rd March.
Greenwich English College - How will I receive my text book?
  • You will be sent your course materials online. Some students may receive a textbook through the mail where appropriate. 
  • Students that need to collect their text book from the campus will be contacted and advised accordingly.
I am a new student, what happens with my placement test and orientation?
  • All placement tests will now be online. New students will be sent a link to take their test before their first day. 
  • You will be contacted to advise you of your orientation plan. Where orientation is held on campus, there will be strict measures in place to safeguard student health and wellbeing. 
  • Students that are currently self-isolating will be able to take orientation online.
I finished my course this week, how do I get my certificate?
Your certificate will be emailed to you.
I want to make changes to my enrollment, what do I do?

Follow existing steps and complete required forms for all requests. You can contact your student services teams for assistance. All current Terms & Conditions apply. 

Call 02 9264 2223

Call 03 8609 0000

I am a new student and have booked accommodation with Greenwich College. Is that still OK?
All accommodation booked with Greenwich College is guaranteed.
I lost my job because of COVID-19 and I am struggling to pay my course fees. What can I do?
Please contact your Student Services Team. We will be able to assist you to restructure your fees to make them more manageable for you in this difficult time. There will be no fees for changing your payment plans at this time.