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GMC | Student Orientation & Welcome Session Information

Dear Partner,

The following information is very important and it will help to guide you through the new online student orientation process at Greenwich Management College.

Online Orientation session

On Wednesday, 2 weeks before your students course starts, they will receive an email with the login details and all the required information to complete the online orientation session. The login details will be active for 1 week. They will not be able to access it before or after that.

  • They will need to have a digital passport size photo available to be able to complete the registration. They can use a photo taken with their phone if it shows only their face and it is clear.
  • The online orientation session will take about 1 hour to complete. If they cannot finish it all, they can log in again later. Remember: they must complete all sections to finalise their registration.
  •  If they have not received the orientation email 1 week before their course starts, they must contact our Student Services immediately in the following emails:
  • If your student is enrolled less than a week before the course commences, please contact our Student Services immediately.  

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2. Welcome Day Session

The Welcome session will be conducted only once on Friday before the term starts.

The information provided will be similar to the GEC Welcome session and will also allow us to assist any student who has not completed the Orientation session.

If your students, for any reason, cannot attend the Welcome Session, please make sure they complete the Online Orientation Session as they will not be able to attend their class.

We are looking forward to welcoming your students to our college!

Student Services Team at Greenwich College