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BuddyHQ are experienced accountants who specialise in tax returns for students working in
Australia and paying tax. We can help you:

  • Apply for FREE a Tax File Number (you need this to work in Australia)
  • Apply and submit your tax return to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)
  • Apply for a Superannuation Refund (for international students who are departing Australia

Your Tax File Number (TFN) – IMPORTANT

Applying for your tax file number (TFN) is very important. If you do it wrong, the ATO may take 45% of your wage every time you get paid. We can help you to fill out the TFN Application Form so you get it right. To get a TFN you must be in Australia and have a visa which allows you to work. Click here to apply for a TFN with BuddyHQ. It’s free. form/

If you already have your Tax File Number and you are being taxed at a very high rate please email us and we will help you.

Your TFN is used anywhere in Australia at any time now or during your next visit. You will only ever get one TFN, so write it down somewhere safe.


When can I apply?

What do I need?

How much is it and how do I pay?

What happens if I don’t lodge my return or I lodge it late?

Applying for a Superannuation Refund

BuddyHQ can also help international students claim back your superannuation when you depart Australia.
You employer pays and additional 9.5% of your wage to a super fund to prepare for retirement, like a pension.
If you do not plan to live in Australia permanently you can claim the after tax amount back when you leave. Refer FAQ for more details.

Applying for a super refund is complex, but worth it. BuddyHQ will do it for you.
You will need to complete our application form and sign it, and get a certified copy of your passport photo page to us before you depart Australia or post it to us if you have already left. See our website for how to certify documents.
When you depart Australia and your visa has expired we can apply for your super refund.

The cost is $250 and it is usually only worth applying if you have been paid more than $20,000 in Australia.


For more information or questions please email us on or 02 8091 0871 (3pm– 9pm).

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