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What can I study at Greenwich College after General English?

Tuesday, 4 June 2013, 12:47 PM by Karen

Many students studying at Greenwich College arrive here on their first day with a very low level of English and within a few months they improve their skills considerably. A good example of this is Karyn, from Brazil. Nine months ago she started studying here as a Beginner - she has worked extremely hard during these months and she is now an Upper Intermediate student! She is of course extremely proud of her improvement and is still studying really hard to start a Cambridge course (FCE) in July. Well done Karyn - we're very proud of you!

Just like Karyn, there are hundreds of other students who have spent months studying at Greenwich College, but after some time they feel like studying something a bit different from General English. Well, Greenwich College offers a lot of options for these students and if you are one of them simply read on to find more information, or just speak to Sophie at reception, our friendly Student Advisor, to see which courses suit you best.

If you are a Beginner or an Elementary student the best option is to stay in General English for some time, until you improve your skills and more importantly, your confidence! Our Pronunciation, Grammar and Conversation and Media Studies classes will cover all the skills that you need to work on at this stage.

At Pre-Intermediate, you can start considering other options. First of all, in General English you also have Pronunciation, Grammar and Conversation and Media Studies options. You will have the opportunity to study English for Work as an elective from next week. Once you complete your time in General English, you can enrol for a Cambridge course - Preliminary English Test (PET), which we run four times a year (like all other Cambridge courses). To check your level you simply do an entry test (for free) at Greenwich College and see if you are ready for that new challenge.

From Intermediate onwards, your options are even bigger. IELTS 1 is a good option at this stage as you can focus on your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. English for Business is another course offered for one month, two months, or three months to complete all the modules, which covers topics like Marketing, Administration and more.

Another Cambridge course that you can start considering is First Certificate in English (FCE). Normally this is an Upper Intermediate level, but it's always a good idea to do an entry test to check your level. The same applies to English for Academic Purposes (EAP) - this is an ideal course for those students who intend to study at an Australian university or college. At Advanced level we offer IELTS 2 and Cambridge Advanced Examination (CAE).

Therefore, some of our students study at Greenwich College for about 2 years, since the pathways we offer give you the necessary basic foundations, as well as all the advanced skills and techniques you require for a successful life in an English speaking environment.

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