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The most needed skill set that can land you your next role

Tuesday, 11 January 2022, 09:32 AM By Greenwich College

Knowing the skills employers are looking for can help you land your next role. Some skills relate specifically to your position, typically known as hard skills. However, several highly transferable skills can also be essential for any role.

What are hard and soft skills?

Hard skills, sometimes referred to as technical skills, tend to be role-specific. They typically relate to your ability to complete specific tasks, for example, managing projects using appropriate tools or analysing data using particular software. Usually, you develop hard skills through education or qualifications, so it's easy to prove your skills.

Soft skills or non-technical skills relate to how you complete tasks or activities, such as communication, leadership, or teamwork. These skills also link to your personality traits. They are often used to determine if you'll be a good fit for the organisation. These skills can be applied to various industries and job types.


Top hard skills 

With an increased reliance on technology, it's unsurprising that digital skills are becoming critical for employers. Many businesses are also adapting the way they do business due to Covid-19, making project management skills essential to support business growth.

LinkedIn recently released a list of top hard skills employers seek in today's digital world. The list included blockchain, cloud computing, affiliate marketing, sales, user experience design, analytical reasoning and artificial intelligence.


Top soft skills 

Soft skills relate to your personality traits and can give you an edge when competing for roles. It's a good idea to have some examples prepared to demonstrate your soft skills before you get to the interview. For example, how you approached a challenging situation, how you manage your time, your communication style and how you work under pressure.

LinkedIn named creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability and emotional intelligence the most in-demand soft skills in 2020. Along with these, some other soft skills worth focusing on include:

● Communication

● Problem-solving

● Critical thinking

● Teamwork

● Organisation

● Attention to detail


Where to start?

If you look at the above list and feel confident you have these skills, work on examples that demonstrate how you have used those skills and practice delivering these for potential job interviews. 

If you need to enhance your technical skills, explore training courses offering specific skills related to your job. If you want to work for a particular employer, check what certifications they require.


To enhance your soft skills, we offer a range of diplomas. Our Diploma of Project Management can teach you highly transferable skills that are on demand in the Australian job market. 

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