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FAQs: Greenwich Management College

Wednesday, 21 October 2015, 09:24 PM By Mamta Bhatt


What courses does Greenwich Management College offer? Currently we are offering Certificate IV and the Diploma in Business and in Leadership & Management. Certificate IV is the perfect starting point to gain knowledge and skills for running a business or develop in a management and leadership role. At the Diploma level the aim is to expand on those skills and knowledge , so we can provide the student with the experience needed to successfully function in a business environment.

What type of student is this course suitable for? The course is suitable for any student who is interested in learning more about business, management and leadership. Students straight out of high school can join as well as students who have studied something else previously and feel they could benefit from our courses. It is a great starting point and could lead to a University Pathway as well as a rewarding career.

What key skills will students learn in this course? We aim to teach our students very practical skills that are useful in their current jobs as well as for their future career. It creates awareness of why businesses do things a certain way, how they come to certain decisions, and business strategies they use, among other things. Furthermore, students will learn presentation skills, report writing and, very importantly, it increases their knowledge of the English language, in particular business terminology.

Students will also gain the necessary knowledge and practical skills to work in a business environment and those that are required to perform well in a supervisory role. The course touches on all disciplines required to run a business successfully, such as marketing, change management, project management, risk management, customer service, innovation, legislation, and diversity.

What type of teaching methods does this course employ? Our classes are divided into Lectures and Tutorials. We use slides for the lectures, supplemented by video material and use of white board to encourage brainstorming. Students have a Learner Guide with extra reading material and activities that illustrate the subject further. The Assessment Book contains 4 tasks that need to be completed within the term and will be marked by the trainer. During the tutorial classes students work on their activities and tasks and can ask for help.

What can students do after this course? Students can continue studying up to the Advanced Diploma level within Vocational Education, and some of them will hopefully continue their studies at University to do a Bachelor Degree. If they decide to join the workforce they will benefit greatly from a VET Certificate or Diploma. Businesses like to see these kinds of qualifications on a CV/resume, because they know their future employee has the highly sought after practical skills and knowledge that are required for the job.

What kind of jobs can students get once completing this course? When students complete the course they possess an Australian-recognised Certificate or Diploma, which is very important if they want to stay in Australia. As the focus of Vocational Education is on small business rather than big multi-nationals, the skills learned at a Diploma level will be particularly useful for management or consulting positions in a small-business environment. A Certificate IV opens opportunities in several administrative positions such as project officers or office coordinator.

In having said that, because the skills are very practical, they will be useful anywhere they end up in life.

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